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Accredited by the Joint Commission.
Accredited by the Joint Commission.

FAQs | Popular Home Health Questions

Want to learn more? Our goal at AAdi Home Health is to help ease your transition into home care. The more you know about home health and hospice the better the outcomes will be for you and your loved ones.

  • My mother has Alzheimer’s. Do I need to hire both a caregiver and a home health nurse to assist her?

    Alzheimer’s is a complicated health condition that affects every individual differently. In the earliest stages, individuals often only require supervision. As the illness progresses, needs might increase to include help with daily routines & tasks. In the latest stages, medical needs may also arise that necessitate the assistance of both a home health or hospice nurse and a Home Health aide. The best way to determine your loved one’s specific needs is by contacting our office.We can assist you in getting a physician referral for an initial assessment for services.

  • I have a lot of family available to help me. Why should I hire a professional caregiver?

    AAdi Home Health respects and supports family caregivers. Our patients who are fortunate enough to have this type of assistance often find that our services enrich the relationships they experience with their loved ones and ease some of the burden that family caregivers often face.

  • Will my caregiver be consistent?

    AAdi Home Health will assist you in maintaining consistency of care whenever possible. Depending on your schedule, it may sometimes be necessary to assign another service provider (nurse, aide, therapist), but we will discuss this with you and ensure that you are familiar with and comfortable with all the professionals in your home.

  • I need help with my medications. Can my caregiver assist me?

    AAdi Home Health can assist you with medication management. We can provide medication reminders, medication boxes or teach your caregivers about your medications.

  • I enjoy completing some tasks independently. Will my caregiver prevent me from doing so?

    AAdi Home Health encourages patients to remain independent when it is safe for them to do so. We develop personalized care plans that will assist you in safely performing many daily living activities. We want our patients to feel safe and comfortable while receiving the services they need in order to remain independent.

  • What will it cost me to decrease, stop or increase my services?

    AAdi Home Health does not charge for changes in services. You are able to discontinue your home health or hospice services at any time without being penalized.

  • Why should I choose AAdi Home Health as my home care provider?

    AAdi Home Health is one of a select few home health and hospice providers accredited by the Joint Commission, a respected home care accreditation agency. We require more from our employees in order to meet these standards and ensure a high-quality, safe, effective and empowering home care experience for our patients.

  • What happens if I do not like my caregiver?

    AAdi Home Health wants you to feel comfortable with the professionals who are in your home. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the care you are receiving, you may contact our office. Our knowledgeable support staff can help you by addressing any concerns you have about the services you are receiving.

  • What is the first step if I want AAdi's home care services?

    AAdi Home Health has a simple process that allows you to call our office about home health or hospice services. We will contact your physician to obtain an order to evaluate you for the requested services. As soon as we receive the physician’s order we can schedule your assessment for services.

  • How soon can my in home care start?

    AAdi Home Health can provide you with home health or hospice services as soon as we complete the assessment and receive your physician’s orders for care.

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